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    AFS Know-How

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Individual Single Units and Serial Products

The AFS equipment standards allow for numerous individual solutions. Depending on the installation situation and local conditions, the following features of AFS air cleaning units can be set up according to customer specification:

  • Suction direction right or left
  • Suction funnels with pipe connection on all sides
  • Air discharge towards all sides of the unit
  • Spacing of mounting feet
  • RAL color
  • Filter mounts
  • Volume flow monitoring
  • Electrical design

AFS air cleaning units are available in nine different sizes. The smallest unit can vacuum and clean 600 cubic meters of air per hour, the largest 16,000. AFS air cleaning units are able to be used in any combination for an even higher suction capacity.

For years now, optimum solutions best tailored for each machine are being developed in cooperation with machine tool manufacturers in order to use AFS air cleaning units as serial products for the initial supply of machine tools.

All fans in AFS air cleaning units are supplied according to ErP standards and are available with an optional frequency converter. This way engine rotational speed and suction volume can be adjusted continuously. This offers the following advantages:

  • engine rotational speed and suction volume can be adjusted to the respective requirements,
  • in case of clogging filters, the suction volume can be kept constant,
  • reserves are being created for future system expansions,
  • systems can be operated in partial load operation, therefore reducing energy consumption and considerably increasing filter life.