• AFS Air Cleaning Systems

    AFS Air Cleaning Systems

    for Clean Air, Energy Efficiency, Lower Environmental Impact and Greater Sustainability.

Air Cleaning – Clean Air, Healthy Employees, High Efficiency

Metal cutting and chip-less metal processing lead to aerosols, mists, fumes and smoke. They pollute the air, endanger the health of employees and pollute the environment. Without efficient air filters, neither the statutory limits for emissions and pollution nor occupational safety and environmental protection thresholds can be complied with. Compliance with these limits is assured with AFS air cleaning systems.

AFS air cleaning units are mechanical filter units. They are particularly suitable for the extraction and purification of:

  • oil and emulsion mist
  • minimum lubrication mist

AFS air cleaning units are very versatile. They are available as:

  • compact single units for cooling lubricant extraction from single machines,
  • group extraction systems for the extraction of cooling lubricant from multiple processing machines in a production hall.

AFS air cleaning units and systems do not require great installation effort. They are easy to use and are marked by a minimum of maintenance, high efficiency and individually tailored designs.