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The AFS Exhaust and Recirculation Concept – Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

AFS air cleaning systems are designed in such a way that a certain proportion of the purified air is always blown into the open air (exhaust air). The remainder is returned into the production hall (recirculation).

Animation of the AFS Exhaust and Recirculation Concept:


The return of the cleaned and warm indoor air back into the production hall is of real benefit, particularly in the cold winter months. As a result, significantly less cold fresh air must be supplied from the outside. About one liter of fuel oil can be saved per 1,000 cubic meters of air that does not need to be heated. The recirculation mode not only reduces operating costs, but also protects environment and natural resources.

The exhaust air quantity blown to the outside must be replaced by fresh air in the production hall. The AFS concept offers the following options based on customer preference:

  • Fresh air supply through hall doors or windows; natural convection is used here and no preheating takes place.
  • Fresh air supply taking into account existing heat sources, such as using waste heat from the compressor room.
  • Fresh air supply via an air supply system with optional heat recovery.

During the summer months, AFS exhaust and recirculation systems can operate in pure exhaust air mode. As a result, a consistently high and warm air flow from the plant floor is discharged to the outside and replaced with fresh, cool outside air all day.

The exhaust air mode ensures the air exchange within the production hall and provides a constant supply of fresh air as well as a reduction in temperature, relative humidity and unpleasant odors in the hall.

With AFS air cleaning units, the legally binding emission limits for exhaust air operation and the values for the maximum workplace concentration in recirculating mode are strictly adhered to.