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    AFS Air Cleaning Systems

    for Clean Air, Energy Efficiency, Lower Environmental Impact and Greater Sustainability.

Heat Recovery – Economically and Environmentally Sustainable

Saving energy is becoming increasingly important. Both from a cost as well as from an environmental point of view.

AFS air cleaning systems along with air intake systems with heat recovery help to protect the environment and simultaneously to produce more sustainably during the heating period.

Animation Heat Recovery:


The residual heat contained in the exhaust air stream is mostly removed from the air in a heat exchanger and then used to pre-heat the outdoor air in the supply air system. Additional heating of the production halls can thus often be avoided. Moreover, there is no mixing of supply and exhaust air streams.

AFS air intake systems are equipped with a post-heater register in order to additionally warm up the fresh air that got pre-heated by the heat exchanger at very low outdoor temperatures. Additional refrigeration registers may optionally be used for air conditioning the production hall in the summer. Wherever high precision is required in manufacturing, AFS air cleaning systems with regulated air intake systems, reheating and cooling registers come into use. Intelligent controlling and regulating secures a constant room temperature in the production hall all year long.

It makes economic and ecological sense to consider air cleaning and indoor air conditioning as a single unit. AFS provides everything from one source. Every system is specifically adapted to the needs and local conditions of the customer.