• Extraction of an open large processing center

    Extraction of an open large processing center

    "Perfect planning, perfect installation. It could not be better." (Hartmut Röschard, managing director HR Werkzeugmaschinen & Service GmbH)

AFS Tornado-Pipe Concept

Plant Description

  • 1x AFS 8000, 1x AFS 4000
  • 12.000 m³/h suction volume
  • Suction for an open large processing center
  • Detection of the Emulsion mist by special Hoods
  • Installation in existing machine tool
  • Year of Installation: 2017

The special designed hoods significantly increase the aspiration range compared to conventional aspiration points (such as a Standard pipes, hoods, etc.) The high-performance and efficient AFS air purifying units ensure the required volume flow and pressure difference.

Installation and design of the purifying units and aspiration hoods at the machine tool are a special solution and happened in close cooperation together with the customer and machine tool manufacturer. In the past, the production hall was completely contaminated without emulsion mist in just a few minutes. Thanks to the now installed AFS extraction and air purifying system, nearly the complete mist is now aspirated and the air in the hall remains clean.