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  • AFS Air Cleaning Systems

    AFS Air Cleaning Systems

    for Clean Air, Energy Efficiency, Lower Environmental Impact and Greater Sustainability.

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    AFS Know-How

    Integrated Planning, On-Site Needs Assessment, Development of Customer-Specific Complete Systems and Solutions, Logistics, Full Service and Staff Training.

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    Nearly 20 Years of Experience and Quality Made in Hohenlohe, Germany. AFS Products are at the Highest Technical Level.

Training, Maintenance, Servicing – All From a Single Source

Clients receive an all-around service with AFS. The maintenance and repair of existing systems and units are part of this, as well as the training of the operators at the customer plants. When implementing large air cleaning systems, AFS operates as general contractor.

The quick and comprehensive spare parts service is an integral part of the AFS service range. This requires a very rapid providing of parts required on site as necessary.