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AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH
Am Richtbach 14
74547 Uebrigshausen

phone +49 7944 9160-0
fax +49 7944 9160-70

  • AFS

    20 years of experience and quality made in Hohenlohe. AFS products are at the highest technical level.

  • AFS Know-how

    Comprehensive planning, needs analysis on site, development of customized complete systems and solutions, logistics, comprehensive service and personnel training.

  • AFS-Air Treatment Systems

    for clean air, high energy efficiency, less pollution and more sustainability.

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    We inform you regularly about new developments to improve the working environment.

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    Now we are calm and let our customers talk about their experiences with AFS.

The METAV exhibition for metalworking technologies will take place from March 10 to March 13, 2020 in Düsseldorf.

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AFS – Strong Performance, Clean Air

AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH is one of the leading German manufacturers of air cleaning equipment and systems for the metal working industry. Over 20 years, AFS has specialized in the production of oil and emulsion mist separation equipment and air handling systems.

AFS air cleaning units and systems distinguish themselves by their high efficiency. They can be combined with recirculation and exhaust air systems as well as heat recovery systems.

AFS air cleaning units and systems combine energy efficiency with environmental friendliness and sustainability.

AFS has an excellent, cross-industry expertise in plant engineering. The results are customer-specific solutions that are designed and installed by qualified AFS engineers and professionals. Furthermore, comprehensive AFS service is available to customers throughout the service life of a system or a unit.

AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH represents high quality, sustainability, occupational safety and environmental protection.

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AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH
Am Richtbach 14
74547 Uebrigshausen

phone +49 7944 9160-0
fax +49 7944 9160-70

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