AFS Technology

AFS air cleaning units combine a five-step pre-separation with a HEPA filter of filter class H 13 or a metal mesh post-separator.

Thanks to the highly efficient preliminary separation, long operating times of the H13 filters are achieved in the subsequent cleaning of the exhaust air. Alternatively, depending on requirements, wear-free metal mesh post-separators can be used in the AFS air cleaning units instead of H13 filters.

In addition, AFS air cleaning units may also be equipped with a charcoal filter for the cleaning of solvent vapors.

The Longlife Separator – Centerpiece of Each AFS Unit

The centerpiece of every AFS air cleaning unit is the Longlife separator developed by AFS. This is a self-cleaning baffle plate separator, which ensures that all particles from a size of two thousandths of a millimeter (2.0 µm) are completely separated from the air stream.

Independent studies confirm the high efficiency of the AFS technology.