Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH

Plant design

High-precision parts and components in small series for the automotive and aerospace industry as well as the world of motorsport are the specialty of Müller Präzisionsteile in Pyrbaum, Germany. To ensure the high quality and for efficient manufacturing, a clean working environment is a basic requirement. Clean air in the workshop is therefore an essential element.

The previously existing single purifying devices of several different manufacturers were replaced by a central AFS 16000 air cleaning system, combined with an Air Supply Unit. With the AFS 16000 central air cleaning system, the mist of cooling lubricant is extracted directly out of the working spaces of all machine tools and flows to the AFS 16000 purifying unit.

The cleaned air is quided as exhaust air via a heat exchanger to the outside. Thus during the heating period, most of the heat contained in the exhaust air can be exchanged to the cold supply air which is aspirated from the outside. Year-round 16,000 m³/h of fresh, filtered and conditioned supply air flow into the workshop. The aerosol pollution, odors and relative humidity in the production area were significantly reduced; to the delight of the entire staff.