KSP GmbH CNC Technik

Plant Description

KSP in Weil der Stadt near Stuttgart specializes in the production of very small precision engineered components for medical technology, sensors, optic-electronics and fuel injection. As KSP started in mid-2013 their operations, Micronfilter were installed as single units on each machine tool. The Micronfilter showed an insufficient purifying efficiency. Poor air quality, slippery floors and high cleaning costs were the result.

AFS installed in spring 2014 a central purifying plant with two AFS 8000 air cleaning devices, each with an extraction volume of 8,000 m³/h. One device is used to extract the polluted air out of oil machines, the other device is used for machines working with cooling lubricant. The separated oil can be re-used. The cleaned air is supplied to a Supply Air Unit with Heat Recovery System with an air volume of 16,000 m³/h.

Despite installing a narrow engine room of the existing building, all required boundary conditions such as easy to maintain, good accessibility and easy operation were implemented. In addition, the use of rejected heat of the compressors was integrated into the AFS energy saving concept.

The plant was planned and installed in a way, allowing easy and efficient extension and connection of further machine tools. Since commissioning in spring 2014, already till the end of 2014 more machine tools were integrated in the system.

The volume flow of the Supply Air and AFS devices are controlled by frequency converters. Hence the airflow can be adapted according to the amount and size of the machinery. Thanks to the AFS system, KSP receives year-round an excellent conditioned air in their production hall. As a result, heating and cleaning costs are significantly saved. 

 "As long as I do not have additional heating and no fog or mist indoors, I am satisfied. It´s November - I am perfectly satisfied." Mr Kratt, CEO.