Plant Description

  • 1 x AFS 8000
  • 8,000 m³/h suction volume
  • AFS Exhaust Air and Recirculation Air Concept
  • Use of the rejected heat of the compressors
  • Installation in new building
  • Year of Installation: 2014

The company Ableitner Feinmechanik GmbH & Co.KG started end of 2013 into their new site in Mettenbach, Germany. In a new, bright and friendly production hall an efficient extraction system for the developing mist of cooling lubricant is obligatory. After a year of planning and close coordination with the customer, AFS installed in early 2014 an AFS 8000 purifying system with a total suction volume of about 8,000 m³/h. By the AFS Exhaust Air and Recirculation Air concept and the use of the rejected heat of the compressor, the idea of a sustainable and resource-efficient production was succesfully implemented.

When designing the system, the possibility of a later extension was considered. In mid 2014 further machines could be integrated quickly and easily into the existing extraction system.